Bitcoin City

About Bitcoin City

Bitcoin City is the result of infusing one of Central Europe’s largest and most important commercial, shopping and logistic areas, BTC City, with the latest technologies and innovations in order to create the shopping and service experience for the next generation. Its area is home to a high concentration of leading blockchain technology developers and startups, including Eligma. Imagine a huge shopping area where cryptocurrency payments are just as common as cash or credit cards, where technologies always serve to make shopping faster and more pleasant and not more complicated, and where the security background is powered by the latest inventions in the field. We are making this vision a reality.


Situated in Slovenia and managed by company BTC d.d., Bitcoin City is the first and biggest of its kind, and its uniqueness has given rise considerable media attention worldwide. Eligma is the proud owner of the Bitcoin City™ registered trademark and co-founder of the Bitcoin City™ concept, which is integrated in BTC City. We firmly believe that our small- and large-scale solutions can benefit commerce on a global level, with flexible and easily implemented models. Our aim is to do our best to provide buyers and sellers with effective solutions from which everyone can benefit, saving precious time and money in the process.


BTC d.d. is a renowned Slovenian company with over sixty years of tradition in retail, property management and logistics. Their shopping, leisure, recreation, culture and business center area has been conveniently called BTC City for over a decade, and now, it is time for the crypto and blockchain chapter in its development. With 21,000,000 visitors per year, over 450 stores, 70 bars and restaurants, a theatre, a Cineplex, a waterpark and many more highlights, BTC City makes for a perfect testing environment for Eligma’s solutions, which aim to impact commerce in an important way. Having a big vision of making a global difference means making informed and sustainable decisions. That is why many of our new products and new features are tested in Bitcoin City, which we created in partnership with BTC d.d.
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