Products and Technologies

The core concept of blockchain technology is transparency and decentralization. At Eligma, we utilize this technology to make the world of commerce more transparent. We have developed several blockchain features and implemented them into our products.

POS software
We are on a mission to enable local and online merchants to accept crypto payments. In order to spread the acceptance of crypto payments as much as possible, we develop and distribute free POS software in several versions:

  • Web POS – accessible through browsers; suitable for local stores
  • Integrated POS – plug-in or custom integration; suitable for local stores that use supported ERP (cashier/POS) software
  • Plug-in POS – e-commerce plug-in; suitable for online stores

Cashiers enter the payment amount in their local fiat currency. The buyer decides which wallet and cryptocurrency to use in order to pay the bill. We currently support Elly and Wallet, but intend to support many other wallets in the future.

Crypto payments, fiat settlement
The GoCrypto platform enables merchants to support crypto payments without changing their processes and habits. We believe that crypto-accepting merchants should have a choice:
they should be able to receive cryptocurrency or fiat currency as settlement. Our payment processor enables real-time crypto-to-fiat conversion of each payment, followed by fiat withdrawals made by merchants. We provide merchants with all receipts and reports necessary for accounting purposes. We take security and privacy of our merchants very seriously, so they can rest assured that the funds they receive through crypto payments are securely stored offline before exchanging them into local fiat and transferring them to their bank accounts.

Merchant tools and support
To smooth the onboarding process for the merchant and to enable full transparency of the payment and settlement processes, we have created the Merchant Onboarding and Dashboard tools.
To start accepting crypto payments, merchants can join the GoCrypto platform independently at any time. They do so by submitting an application; afterwards, they receive a contract, access credentials and all necessary information on GoCrypto POS usage and integration. Each merchant can request one or several POS accesses to enable crypto payments at all of their cashiers.
After joining GoCrypto, merchants can view their payments, receive reports and make withdrawals to their wallets or bank accounts.

Elly, the first all-in-one mobile payment crypto wallet
Pay. Store. Buy. Exchange. One app for all.
The Elly wallet, our mobile application with a custodial crypto wallet, was designed to enable instant crypto payments. At a time when the verification of crypto payments was too slow to enable payments at local stores, we already enabled instant payments with our custodial wallet infrastructure. Although crypto payment is its central feature, we enable full crypto wallet functionality with deposits and transfers, so that our users can fully manage their cryptocurrencies. Moreover, crypto transfers between Elly users are completely free.