At Eligma, we excel in an array of software development services designed to meet diverse client needs. Our proficiency covers the development of payment acceptance applications, software for financial or banking purposes, payment gateways, decentralized payment protocols, and innovative commerce solutions. Additionally, we have expertise in smart contract creation, digital wallet development, and more.

Discover Tailor-Made Software Solutions with Eligma

Mobile Applications for Fintech and Neobanks:
Elevate your financial services with our mobile applications, specifically designed for fintech and neobanks. Enjoy seamless integration of core banking services, coupled with enhanced usability through blockchain features, facilitating secure payments and efficient exchanges.

AI-Driven Smart Shopping Applications:
Revolutionize your shopping experience with our mobile applications leveraging AI and machine learning. Benefit from intelligent shopping recommendations and expense tracking, enhancing your overall shopping journey.

Price Aggregators with AI-Powered Recommendations:
Explore our price aggregators offering smart recommendations across various services. Harness the power of AI technology and chatbots to optimize your decision-making process and make informed choices.

Comprehensive Payment Software:
Experience holistic payment solutions, ranging from traditional cards to digital payment methods and cryptocurrencies. Our proprietary QR protocol for cryptocurrencies ensures secure and instant transactions. Partnering with global leaders enables us to provide a complete service, supporting various payment methods and exchanges.

e-Commerce Plugins and custom integration:
Seamlessly integrate our solutions into your e-commerce platforms with custom integration manuals and plugins. Enhance the efficiency and functionality of your online store with our easy-to-use tools.

ePOS Integration for All Payment Methods:
Unlock the potential of full integrations with cash register (ePOS) systems. Our solutions support all payment methods offered, ensuring a smooth and comprehensive transaction experience for your customers.

Back-Office and Supporting Tools:
Empower your clients with our back-office tools, providing them the ability to master their services. Track expenses and manage tasks efficiently, enhancing the overall operational efficiency of your business.

White-Label Solutions with Multilingual Support:
Tailor our solutions to meet your brand needs with fully white-labeled options. Our offerings support multiple currencies and languages, ensuring a personalized experience for your clients. Already available in the most commonly used languages, our solutions are ready to meet global demands.