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Eligma is a startup with global ambitions in the field of commerce. The team dedicated to its mission is an interesting mix of people with a wide range of expertise. Our goal is to enhance the experience of buying and selling to help you save the only thing that cannot be bought – your time.

At our company, we embrace technological advancement and use it to take on the commerce challenges we see today and the future. We were formed in 2017 to improve the way shopping is conducted today. The offer is overwhelming, there are many purchases made from the comfort of our homes, but this also makes our lives uncomfortable because most of the items stay with us instead of circulating. With a clear perspective on the value of things, we are on a mission to encourage the world to truly utilize this value. We aim to help our users discover things they really need, purchase those easily, track what they own and, when they don't need something anymore, sell it or give it away.

Having been given seals of approval by several prominent businessmen and entrepreneurs (which later become our advisors), we decided to seek support of our future users through a public crowdsale in the beginning of 2018. Backed by corporate investors and almost 1,500 Eligma believers, we are set on a development journey we expect to be full of challenges. Sometimes, it may seem almost impossible. But so are all things that truly make a difference.

Although relying on state-of-the-art technology, our solutions are always user-friendly. We hope that, when start using our products, our customers will say: “Wow, why didn't anyone else think of that before? This is so simple.” Simple solutions arise from hard work and a clear aim in mind. Ours is to make a commitment not to the industry, but to the people who use it on a daily basis.

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Eligma Ltd.
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ID for VAT: SI 17322090
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