ELI Token

The total supply of the ELI token is 327,902,034 and no additional tokens will ever be issued. The ELI token will be used within our products in exchange for useful features and services.
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A true utility token

At Eligma, we proudly introduced our own ELI token at the start of our public crowdsale in April 2018. Compliant with ERC-20, ELI is a true utility token and we have big plans for it.

Whenever our team conceptualizes new features within the three pillars of our platform, the ELI token is one of the building blocks of the final solutions. Here are some ideas how ELI will be used:

  • for purchases on the platform
  • to use the “Product hunt” service on the platform
  • to list offers on any second-hand market
  • when using the escrow service
  • to complete decentralized item sales on a blockchain
  • when advertising on the platform
  • for purchases at stores, involved in our universal loyalty program

Bringing crypto mainstream

One of our missions is to do our part in bringing blockchain and crypto into the mainstream. We are proud crypto believers and honest about our token’s usability.

Regardless of the changing crypto market situation, we have a healthy base of contributors and loyal believers in our project, who have been with us since the beginning and are here to stay. We do everything with them in mind because they will definitely become the early adopters of our solutions. That is an important asset to have and, at Eligma, loyalty is always rewarded.

Eligma is serious about making an impact on how the world perceives value. This is why we trust that the ELI token will reflect the project’s long-term worth.